Hand held pads for staff

Improve restaurant efficiencies by staff ordering direct to the kitchen from the customer table using hand held tablet EPOS systems.
Our HandEPOS systems use tablets which are much cheaper than traditional EPOS till screens, lowering costs, saving lots of staff time, and improving customer experience.

mproved service
Allows your staff to stay on the restaurant floor (no running around with paper orders)
Order sent direct to kitchen
Automatically added to EPOS receipt
No handwriting errors on orders
Allergy information available to staff
Out of stock information available to staff
Full ingredients and pictures available for staff to show customers
Lower costs
Uses low cost tablets
Avoid wasted staff time queuing for EPOS terminals
Avoid wasted staff time double entering (paper + TILL)
Increase efficiency getting orders to the Kitchens
Significantly reduces staff walking distances, eliminating orderin staff being out from the customer area
Screen sizes from 4.5″ (pocket sized), or 7″ (handheld)
Electronic Waiter order pads
Long battery life (7 hours+ on one charge)
Secure storage options available
With Custom Adaptive, you can mix and match and expand as you need to, keeping the cost very low.
Example process improvement
Traditional Order Process
Customer requests to place an order
Customer states alergic to Eggs
Waiter does not know what has eggs in it, so will check with kitchen
Customer states what else they want
Waiter writes it down
Waiter takes copy to kitchen and checks for Egg issues
Waiter goes back to restauarant
Customer makes alternate choice due to Eggs
Waiter takes copy to kitchen
Waiter goes back to restauarant
Kitchen calls waiter
Waiter informed of item out of stock
Waiter goes back to table and explains issue
Waiter goes and gets menu again
Waiter waits while customer chooses something else
Customer makes alternate choice
Waiter redoes part of order
Waiter takes copy to kitchen and needs to remember to check eggs again on new item
Waiter goes back to take order from next table
Order process With HandEPOS
Customer requests to place an order
Customer states alergic to Eggs
Waiter notes on HandEPOS about allergy
Waiter can see all items containing Eggs highlighted on screen
Customer states what they want, waiter answers questions on Eggs as needed
Waiter enters it on handEPos screen
Screen notifies of item out of stock
Customer makes alternate choice
Waiter confirms order accepted, and lets customer know how long it will be
Waiter goes on to take order from next table
Customer order prints out in kitchen
Kitchen Orders
HandEPOS works with simple kitchen order printers, or with our full kitchen order tracking system.
Touch screen menu browsing for customers.
Tablet menus, allowing full menu browsing, as well as lookup of allergy details of any menu item, and sending orders to kitchen printers or screens. More…

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