Kitchen / order management

Kitchen / order management (KMS)

Get the benefits of electronic order tracking
See what state a kitchen order is at. Has it been cooked, waiting to be taken to the table, or delivered to a customer?

This extends the consept of the hand written kitchen orders onto tablet screens in the kitchen. These touch screens allow the chef to indicate when items have started to be cooked, or when ready.
This simple change to the kitchen not only allows staff to be notified when orders are ready, but can relyably let them know how long something will be (keeping staff and customers informed).

Kitchen areas are zoned, allowing separate areas to get their own orders. Preparation and cooking times are managed showing Chefs when they need to start cooking given items to tie in with all other parts of the order.
Touch screens in the kitchen area replace or supliment printed order tabs. Working back from how long each item takes to cook, they can tell your cheff when each item should be started to ensure all the parts of the meal are ready at the same time. They allow chefs to see what they should be cooking at any given time, and also what they need to plan ahead for – ideal for grill stations or salad prep areas in larger restaurants.
By having a screen, staff can update order status allowing feedback to front of house staff to know when servings are cooking, or calling waiter staff to collect food when ready.
They also allow allerting to management when food has been waiting to long, ensuring food is always served hot.

Zone handling – Items and entire orders can be directed to users on different screens, allowing for example, drinks to be handled at the bar, deserts by counter staff, and burgers at the grill station. Our kitchen printers can also be zoned in the same way, separating deserts and drinks etc as needed to separate preparation areas. Tabs can be printed from screens onto paper if needed.

See Also
Hand EPos

Electronic Order Pad for waiters
Handheld pads, allowing full menu browsing, as well as lookup of allergy details of any menu item, and sending orders to kitchen printers or screens.
Available in 4.5″ and 7″ with a 7h + battery

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Touch screen menu browsing for customers.
Tablet menus, allowing full menu browsing, as well as lookup of allergy details of any menu item, and sending orders to kitchen printers or screens.

Asura-CICLOPS – The fast track order terminal…

Asura-CICLOPS allows customers waiting in a queue to browse your menus in various languages, looking at images / descriptions, ingredients, allergy information and nutrition. Customers can also place orders, and receive coupons or receipts. Available with stand, or wall/desk mounts, and with optional barcode reader or swipe card reader.

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